About The Dolls

All Yoli’s hand-crafted Persian dolls are hand-painted in rich detail and wear clothes, headbands, and accessories particular to a regional flavor unique to Iran and typical of the way people in various parts of Iran dress. Each doll is one of a kind and varies slightly from the next doll in terms of not only fabrics and trims, but also hand-made jewelry – brooches and charms – and accessories – buttons on the blouses, headsets, makeup, nail polish, and so on. With attention to detail, the artist has ensured that each of these unique porcelain treasures is wired and padded to provide sufficient flexibility. Each of these beauties has a real hair wig, normally weighs less than three pounds, and for display purposes can be mounted, if desired, on wooden plinths. Each doll comes with a brand tag, a production number, as well as the artist’s name, number, and logo to establish lineage, value, and authenticity. The dolls are available in a variety of sizes and prices. Yoli’s dolls embody the rich enlightenment of Iran’s ethnic tribes.

Handmade Dolls

Handmade Dolls usually represent a nation. They represent the confluence of the nation’s different ages, time and culture. Handmade dolls made of many different materials have been in existence for a long time. There is evidence of handmade dolls made in ancient Egypt. Most of the handmade dolls made the world over lack sophistication and realism. However, these handmade dolls do portray human life as realistically as can be done with dolls.If the handmade dolls are made of cloth, then the cloth body parts are stitched and stuffed with synthetic cotton, with a metal frame providing the body structure. The faces also are made of cloth with synthetic cotton stuffing. The facial features of the handmade dolls are usually painstakingly painted by hand. All limbs, fingers, and toes are stitched separately, to provide for more realistic depiction of gestures. Clothing and accessories are also stitched or prepared by hand.

  • These handmade dolls are usually paragons of beauty.​
  • Through any collection of handmade dolls that have been made by Yolanda, you Can acquaint yourself with the art and culture of each region of Persia (Iran).
  • The face, hands & legs are porcelain and the body is padded.

Yoli’s handmade dolls will be a treasure to pass from mother to daughter for generations to come.

Collection Dolls

Porcelain dolls have been made for about 200 years.

Why do people collect antique porcelain dolls? Perhaps they collect because it brings back memories from their childhoods. Maybe it’s because they appreciate the craftsmanship involved in making the toys. It might be because porcelain dolls are valuable. Regardless of your motivation, there are a few things that you should know as you start collecting porcelain dolls.

The Chinese developed porcelain over a thousand years ago and succeeded in keeping the formula secret for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the poor, captive alchemist Johann Friedrich Bottger, held by Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, perfected the formula for European-made porcelain in the first decade of the 18th century that porcelain became common in the West.

Dolls can be between half an inch and five feet tall. The heads of the dolls are in two forms, porcelain or bisque. Bisque is unglazed porcelain and has a warmer, more natural appearance.

When looking at collectible porcelain dolls, consider the overall craftsmanship of the pieces. The formation of the hands and fingers is very important. Open hands and fingers are harder to make than closed hands and fingers. The “skin” of the doll should be smooth to the touch and as lifelike as possible.

Yoli’s dolls, Ethnic persian dolls collection

When considering a bisque doll, a doll with a closed mouth is generally more collectible than one with an open mouth. Like porcelain dolls, bisque dolls should have “skin” that is “unblemished” and have a realistic look.

Victorian porcelain dolls continue to be a popular collector’s item. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a Victorian doll that is still in perfect shape. Interestingly, a restored doll may actually be worth less than a damaged doll. Regardless of whether you are considering a restored doll or one in its original condition, the more information that you can get, preferably in writing, the more valuable the piece might be. The age and origin as well as any other facts that you can garnish will add to the “story” of your Victorian doll.

Also consider edition porcelain dolls. The value of this type of doll lies, in part, with the fact that a limited number of dolls were produced. Make sure that you have all the supporting information, such as certification. Retaining the original packaging can add value to your doll over the long term.

Collecting porcelain dolls is a hobby that can be truly rewarding.

Collecting porcelain dolls is a hobby that can be truly rewarding.