In March of 2004, Yolanda’s background in design united the designer’s trait of mysticism, cultural background, and infinite hunger for expressing her emotions. From that, an idea blossomed. Hence, she learned to express herself in a tangible form.

Yolanda is an interior designer currently residing in Los Angeles. Since then, she has been creating porcelain and vinyl dolls. It all began at her home in Brentwood. It is her ambition to capture the natural expression, and gestures of her ancient people. Her love for antiques and vintage dolls provide the inspiration for her creations. Yolanda Sadighpour Moradzadeh is the founder and creative force behind each of the unique handcrafted ethnic Persian Dolls produced by her Los Angeles based firm, Yoli’s Dolls.

Yoli’s Dolls Exhibition

What People say

Highly recommended gift for an special person in your life.
Elaheh Tabibnia
Beautiful, one of a kind dolls created with so much love. Highly recommended.
Lily Fard
Such unique & beautiful dolls. Make such a unique gift.
Sam Behnam Dadbin
Such a beautiful dolls with so much details.
Nahid Behnam
The dolls are so beautiful & unique. I love them because it represents the Persian culture & heritage in most beautiful possible way. I think the everyone specially the young couples shall have one at their home to get the children interested & familiar with their roots.
Frieda Tabibian
These dolls are not only quality but they are made with love, and you can defiantly see it when you have them in your home.
Sebastián Moda Mélo
Such beautiful hand crafted work. Super talented artist.
Yosi P. Behroozan
Yulanda's dolls are very beautiful & artistic & professionaly made
Parvaneh Shamsi
Beautifull dolls made with love!
Marjolijn Koot
5 stars
Fariba Abolfathi